Moddum operandi

What MODDUM means - Moddum is a solution focusing on simple functional structures which reflect current trends in architecture. It emphasizes the artistic quality of the design, rational purchase and operational costs, as well as taking into account the environmental requirements.

WHAT ARCHITECTURE MEANS TO US – A combination of colors and proportions, a play of light with surfaces and the volumes of objects, with living space that surrounds us. To us architecture means things which surround us, the room and the house where we live, city space and landscapes.

HOW WE WORK – We perceive architecture as a permanent search for balance between the client’s idea and our draft design, as an attempt to consider the place where the project is situated, the context of the surroundings and structural possibilities, with the aim of reaching an original and thoughtful solution of high applied as well as a esthetic value.

WHAT WE OFFER – We approach each project with individual care, attempting to find a new and untraditional solution - we respect the client’s ideas.

We provide complete services in the following areas:

  • Processing of design documentation (urban and architectural studies, zone planning materials, zone planning documentation, documentation for zone and building proceedings, representing the investor in discussing documentation with state authorities)
  • documentation for the execution of the building
  • tender documentation and co-operation in assessing offers by suppliers of the building
  • author’s supervision in executing the building
  • a complete design and project of the interior

We co-operate with quality designers in the areas of statics, land structures, technicians of building environments, zone planning and creation of gardens. We process projects digitally, verify spatial bonds of designs by drawing, 3D virtual models, or potentially with physical mocks.

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